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Policy and Guidance:

Below is a listing of DoD policy and guidance and the corresponding OMB memoranda requirements to which it responds.

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DPCLO Guidance

Defense Privacy Board Advisory Opinions

The advisory opinions are issued by the Defense Privacy Board regarding matters impacting on the Defense Privacy Program. The opinions, which are initially considered and formulated by the Defense Privacy Board Legal Committee, address issues of common or mutual Department-wide interest or concern and serve to promote uniform and consistent policies among the DoD Components in implementation of the Privacy Program. All opinions are subject to approval by the General Counsel, Department of Defense.

  1. Providing Wage And Earning Statements (W-2 Forms) Of Military Personnel To State And Local Taxing Authorities
  2. Privacy Rights And Deceased Persons
  3. Disclosure Of Records From A System Of Records To The Next Of Kin Of Persons Missing In Action Or Otherwise Unaccounted For
  4. Corrections Of Military Records Under The Privacy Act
  5. Applicability Of The Privacy Act To National Guard Records
  6. Assessing Fees To Members Of Congress For Furnishing Records Which Are Subject To The Privacy Act
  7. Disclosure Of Home Of Record To Members Of Congress
  8. Accounting For Disclosures Of Records Through Military Legislative Liaison Channels
  9. The Privacy Act And Minors
  10. Disclosure Of Identities Of Confidential Sources From Investigative Records Exempted Under Subsection (k)(2)
  11. Application Of The Privacy Act To Information In Hospital Committee Minutes
  12. Accounting For Mass Disclosures Of Records To Other Agencies
  13. Disclosure Of Records To State Agencies To Validate Unemployment Compensation Claims Of Former Federal Employees And Military Members
  14. Disclosure Of Records To Financial Institutions
  15. Disclosure Of Photographs In The Custody Of The Department Of Defense
  16. Disclosure Of Records From Systems Of Records To A Contractor Pursuant To A Contract
  17. Definition Of An "Agency Or Instrumentality Of Any Jurisdiction Within Or Under The Control Of The United States"
  18. Location Of Privacy Act Advisory Statements
  19. Privacy Act Advisory Statements For Inspector General Complaint Forms
  20. Recruitment Advertisements In The Public Media
  21. Information Requested In The Public Domain
  22. Implications On Various Methods Of Distributing Leave And Earning Statements
  23. The Appearance Of The Social Security Number In The Window Of An Envelope Containing Record Information Does Not Constitute A Disclosure
  24. What Constitutes A Privacy Act Request For Access Or Amendment For Purposes Of Compliance With Processing And Reporting Requirements
  25. Information Pertaining To Third Parties May Not Be Protected By The Privacy Act
  26. Disclosure Of Security Clearance Level
  27. Privacy Act Applicability To Legal Memoranda Maintained In A System Of Records
  28. The Privacy Act Does Not Apply To Files Indexed By Non-Personal Identifiers And Retrieved By Memory
  29. Depersonalizing Computer Cards And Printouts Before Disposal
  30. No Supplemental Charges May Be Assessed For Unlisted Telephone Number Service On Installations Where No Commercial Service Is Available
  31. The Privacy Act General Exemption Does Not Follow The Record
  32. The Privacy Act System Notice Requirement Applies To Court-Martial Files
  33. A Routine Use Is Not Required For Disclosure Of Department Of Defense Records To The National Archives And Records Administration And To The General Services Administration
  34. Definition Of "Order Of A Court Of Competent Jurisdiction"
  35. Records May Be Disclosed To Service-Oriented Social Welfare Organizations Pursuant To An Established Routine Use
  36. Privacy Act Warning Labels
  37. Disclosure Of Records Concerning Charitable Contributions Or Participation In Savings Bond Programs
  38. Personal Notes As Records Within A System Of Records
  39. Requirement For Privacy Act Advisory Statements For Administrative Proceedings
  40. Access To Medical Records By Individuals Who Could Be Adversely Affected
  41. No Requirement To Provide Privacy Act Advisory Statements To Labor Organizations
  42. Information On Forms Attached To Security Containers Or Facilities Is Subject To The Privacy Act
  43. Verifying The Accuracy Of Personal Data In A Record Is Subject To The Privacy Act
  44. One Department Of Defense Component May Disclose Health Care Records To Another Without A Routine Use Or Consent
  45. Disclosure Of The Original, Pre-1968, Serial Number (Service Number) Assigned To Military Personnel
  46. The Social Security Number On Building And Installation Badges
  47. Using Both General And Specific Privacy Act Exemptions For The Same System Of Records
  48. Disclosure Of Information In Blanket Orders

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